Accidents happen. No matter how much we try to avoid them, some things are just completely unavoidable especially when we are in a public place. While we’re having the time of our lives in a Tampa nightlife bar, many things can happen.

We have watched it on the news and while we cannot stop ourselves from enjoying our lives, we can always try to make sure that we have taken precautions to keep ourselves safe from any harm.

How bad can bad get when it comes to a night out of town? We have seen the news—fires, terrorism, brawls, gunshots, fights, etc. But there’s one thing you can have with you that might be able to save you: your smartphone! Yes, your smartphone can be your saving grace and can actually allow you to escape the situation.

Call for help

You can always use your phone to call 911 and ask for help regarding the situation in a bar. Even if it’s just a brawl, you can always call for backup just in case the establishment’s security personnel and bouncers cannot stop the fight.

The police will surely can. You can call for help when a fire breaks out and you’re all trapped inside the building. You can guide the firemen on what doors are blocked and on fire and where they may be able to enter safely.

Send your location

We always remind our readers to never leave their drinks unattended in a bar or a pub. Unfortunately, this sometimes goes unnoticed and some continue to do this thing where they go to the bathroom, come back and drink from the same glass, and then wake up the next morning without any knowledge what happened to them on an unfamiliar bed and a stranger lying next to them.

Or worse, you’re discarded like a sack of potatoes along the street without any idea what happened to you the night before. Unfortunately, even in this modern age, some still feel victims to this modus operandi.

Aside from never leaving your drinks unattended, you can also ping your location using your phone if you find yourself in an unfamiliar place.

Record everything

Finally, you can use your smartphone to record everything that is happening. The police will thank you for the record since they can use this to have an idea of what transpired during the situation in question.

You can also provide the same recording to news agencies so that they can run it on national television and on their internet sites. This is especially helpful if there’s a fugitive who’s on the run and you somehow captured him on video.