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4 Tampa Events To Look Forward To This November
iCitySpy City Information Tampa Events November 12, 2018

Tired of just hanging out in the mall and people watching? Are you bored with having to go on picnics in the park? Break away from the ordinary this holiday season and enjoy these four Tampa events that are designed to bring you and your family and friends joy and adventure. Bartow Friday Fest It […]

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Tips For Planning Successful Events
iCitySpy City Information Lakeland Events

No matter how big or small the events are, the formula for a successful event is almost exactly the same. So even if you’re hosting a black-tie dinner, an informal fundraiser, or a casual party, only the size of the guests will change. The event must still be well-planned and organized to be truly memorable. […]

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How to Enjoy a Tampa Nightlife Out and Remain Sober
iCitySpy City Information Tampa nightlife

A Tampa nightlife out is often a great reason for us to go all out at the end of the week and just let off all the stress of the past few days. Dancing, drinking, laughter, these are just some of the most common parts of a typical night out with your friends. However, there […]

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Is Online Tampa Shopping Really Better Than the Traditional Kind?
iCitySpy City Information Tampa Shopping

The Internet has given us plenty of things over the years. We have the ability to do things that used to take all day to do and can get things from all around the world and have them show up on our doorstep a few days later. Online Tampa shopping is something that has made […]

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Choosing Healthy Desserts at Tampa Restaurants
iCitySpy City Information Tampa Restaurants

We all love eating dessert at Tampa restaurants, right? There’s nothing quite like ending a very satisfying meal with a sweet treat. Unfortunately, if you’re familiar with eating out at restaurants, eating a full course meal at these places can pack quite a lot of calories and aren’t exactly the best for you, health-wise. Most […]

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The Importance of Making A List for Your Lakeland Shopping
iCitySpy City Information Lakeland Shopping November 9, 2018

Lakeland shopping is a fun activity for many of us. We have the chance to browse our favorite shops and pick out items for us and our loved ones. The relaxed nature of the activity is probably why plenty of people hate the idea of making shopping lists for their shopping trips. It makes this […]

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