Our iCitySpy Marketing Program will prove to be one of the best advertising and marketing decisions your company could make.

This program is not available to all businesses. iCitySpy invests a great amount of time, energy and resources promoting our members and we are careful to make sure we are partnering with quality, professional, and respected firms. Also important to know is we limit how many businesses are displayed in each category. Space is limited so get listed now.


To participate you will need to:

Be referred by an active member, an invitation to join will be sent to you immediately.

Or fill out the “Get Listed on iCitySpy!” form just below. Your request will be reviewed and if space in your category is available an iCitySpy agent will contact you to begin the qualification process.

Get Listed on iCitySpy!

To be considered for our program please fill out and agree to the following.

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Our company would like to be invited and considered for inclusion on the iCitySpy Marketing Platform. We understand that receiving an invitation is no guarantee of acceptance into this marketing system. We acknowledge that iCitySpy is looking to work with quality people and companies and that space is limited.

If selected iCitySpy will find that:

  • We do our best to run an honest establishment and treat our customers with care and respect.

  • We are serious about growing our business and want to partner with iCitySpy to accomplish this.

  • We expect to be treated as professionals and will treat our iCitySpy counterparts the same.

  • We are open to new marketing ideas and techniques, we want to grow or business.

We agree with the statements above and are excited to discover what iCitySpy can offer our business, to working with our iCitySpy agent, and to having fun in the process.