Whether you have just one or more kids, trying to keep them happy and entertained while you’re in nice Lakeland restaurants can become a problem. You adults can entertain yourselves talking about items on the menu or the wine list or even about politics but talking to a three-year-old about truffles and what-not? The chances are slim to none.

Here are some tips on how to keep them happy and entertained while you’re dining in restaurants:

Go to family-friendly restaurants

Family-friendly restaurants don’t always mean bad food and spilled milk everywhere. There are plenty of restaurants out there that are perfect for families with kids.

Some even offer the idea of having a private room specifically for the group. This allows you to let your kids roam around the room while the adults taste the various dishes they ordered.

Bring books with you

In an ideal world, children love books and they read them whenever they can. However, that does not always happen, of course, unless your children are trained to read books as a form of entertainment.

And really, you should try talking to them about it. Bring your kids’ favorite books with you and although it is rude to read on the table, you can always use your kids’ intelligence as an excuse.

Coloring stuff

Coloring pens and coloring books will work wonders for your children. You can buy coloring-in placemats, which is a nice idea for a restaurant so your kids won’t have to color on their tablecloths. Make sure there’s plenty of paper and artwork to keep the kids entertained.

Memory games and building blocks

Okay, don’t bring the whole Lego set to the restaurant but a few blocks will do. Puzzles and memory games are also a good idea to bring to a restaurant because they keep kids entertained for a long time. They are also available for a variety of ages and they have loads of benefits that help develop a kid’s mind.

Go for a walk

Look, it is unfair to expect your kids to not get bored when you need to dine out with your friends or the whole family. They will get bored and that’s normal and expected.

Meet them halfway by asking them to stay put in one place but also walking with them outdoors or even just around the restaurant. Don’t expect them to act like adults because clearly, they are not.