How To Videos



Hello friends.

I’ve been busy creating videos on how to use some of the features found on our website. Each area of our site is broken into groups; i.e. Classifieds, Coupons, Jobs, etc. I truly hope you’ll find these videos to be helpful.

If you wish we had a video explaining something not found here would you be so kind to go to our Contact page and send us a message explaining what you need help with? If it’s possible we will gladly create a video for that subject.

Have fun, enjoy iCitySpy and please tell all your friends to check us out.

Your friend – the Spy


Title: How to Register for a New Account
Description: This short video shows you how to Register a new account on iCitySpy Classifieds.

Length: 1:36


Title: Placing an Ad on iCitySpy Classifieds
Description: This short video will show you the steps for placing an ad on iCitySpy Classifieds.

Length: 2:54



Title: iCitySpy Jobs – Job Seeker
Description: How to use iCitySpy Jobs as a Job Seeker

Length: 2:09


Title: iCitySpy Jobs – Employers
Description: How to use iCitySpy Jobs as an Employer

Length: 2:03